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Simple, Powerful & Affordable School Management System with Mobile App.


The Digi Tech is what every institution needs to implement a successful school management system. We provide a complete package, an innovative and versatile product, expert installation, implementation as well as training expertise. We provide a complete spectrum of services to ensure seamless operation of the school management system.

Successful Installation

Our technical experts provide on-site or remote support to help with the software installation and configuration. This guarantees that the software is installed efficiently and users have immediate access to the system.

Smooth Implementation

We ensure that the software implementation process is a success through constant analysis and training of the end user on the utilization of the software. Our expert technical team will ensure the implementation objectives are met and the software meets the client's expectations.

User Training

We provide both onsite and online remote training for groups of users. Our structured programs and series of training sessions equip users with the expertise needed to operate the software effectively.


Our qualified software technicians will ensure there is a seamless transition from your old school management to the new and advanced Digi Tech. We will handle all the data conversion and migration.


The Digi Tech is a fully integrated school management system. We will strive to work with you to ensure the software meets all your technical and functional needs of your organization through expert



We provide superior customer experience through cutting-edge technical support from a ready and qualified technical team. The software will also get regular updates and upgrades to enhance functionality and performance.

Our experts will seamlessly integrate the Digi Tech with the student information system and other work processes of the institution. The product integration service will ensure the software is fully utilized to provide the greatest value to the client.

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