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Payroll Manager

Simple, Powerful & Affordable School Management System with Mobile App.

Payroll Manager

The Digi Tech Payroll Manager is a module that enables schools to keep track of all the financial aspects of employees including salary reports, payslips generation, allowances, deductions time cards, employee records etc. for teachers and other employees. It streamlines the management of payroll and employees data.

Key Features

  • Employee Profile
  • Salary Calculation
  • Determine deductions, compensation, leave etc.
  • Pay-slip Generation and Monthly reports
  • Annual Reports
  • Automatic Tax Reports
  • Manage Payroll Processess
  • Generate employee reports and more.

Every institution is unique and that is why our payroll system can be customized to match different requirements. We have developed a flexible payroll Manager that is compatible with different school systems.

Our Payroll Manager Software has been designed to suit the needs of the education sector. Our Payroll management software makes work easy for the school administration when processing employee salaries. It is 100% compliant with the laws and regulations of the state. You can configure numerous allowances and calculation parameters based on specific requirements.

The payroll module enables the calculation of the number of days worked, amount payable as well as deductions. It enables the generations of various reports such Challans and PF forms for various departments and calculation of salary expenses.

It manages financial records of academic and non-academic staff including details such as personal profiles, pay band, pay grade, employment date, date of retirement, Pension Fund Administration, Monthly salary, generate various reports including employee list, loan register, Insurance reports, and form 16 etc.

Managing employee records has never been this easy. Our Payroll Manager not only saves time but also money. Our systems allow the school administration to focus on the core mandate which is to educate. Employee payments details such as names, basic salary, gross salary, net salary, wages, deductions including taxes, loans, salary advance, pension funds, allowances, bonus, overtime, commissions, vacation, leave, attendance records are all well recorded in the system for easy generation of annual reports.

We configure our payroll system to automatically help institutions in cost cutting with improved efficiency to ease administration complexities.

School administrations can maintain up-to-date records of employee records within a short time using our Payroll Manager

Students who miss out on classes are highly likely to fail exams and end up with low grades. Truancy is the beginning of more problems in the future such as crime. Class attendance is an issue of high priority for both school administrators and parents. The whole process of attendance management can be made more efficient using the Attendance Manager Software from Digi Tech.

Automated Attendance Marking

Marking Manual taking, recording, analyzing and sharing of attendance sheets with another staff member was tedious. The whole process could take days and the analysis would often be incomplete provided less information needed to deal with the problem of truancy.

Track Student Progress

Our Attendance Manager Software is the cutting technology that allows school administrators and parents to monitor attendance and truancy of students. Besides recording attendance it allows school administrators to keep track of student progress, discipline and behavior. Taking attendance and generating reports has never been this easy and parents can be fully engaged in the process.

Parents Engagement

Parents can get information concerning the milestones of their children in school and help to support them even further. No need to wait for special parents meeting to find out how your child has been coping at school.

Secure Data Backup

The attendance Manager also minimizes the risk of misfiling or losing student attendance data. Manual paper registers are prone to errors or loss. Our Attendance Manager Software is paperless and securely backups student attendance records using a cloud-based system.

Save Time

Students can miss school due to a number of factors. The Attendance Manager from Digi Tech allows school administrator, teachers, and guardians, the ability to track student attendance and progress in school. It helps teachers and administration save time and invest more effort in educating students.

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