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Exam Manager

Simple, Powerful & Affordable School Management System with Mobile App.

Exam Manager

The Exam Manager module enables instructors to develop examinations, record student scores and publish the results online for both students and parents to view. It automatically compiles and reports examination results accurately. It allows the user to customize the entire examination processes such as subject creation, grading system, evaluation standards, the weighting of results, generation and submission of reports. Teachers can enter marks at anywhere anytime and parents can check results online. The administration can analyze results across the board and assess individual teacher performance.

Key Features

  • Create Custom exam types i.e. marks or grades
  • Examination Grouping
  • Automated Report Generation
  • Statistical and Graphical View
  • GPA, CCE, CWA Evaluation Criteria etc.

The Exam Manager from Digi Tech enables teachers and school administrators to create and manage examination schedules. Students can use their unique ID numbers to access the system to check their results.

The Exam Manager is a web-based software that easily customizable to suit the examination style of each institution. Management of examination can be complicated however our Exam Manager Software streamlines and secures examination data.

Planning Exam Management

Our Exam Manager allows the automation of examination planning and execution making it simple and convenient. It enables teachers to create examination papers and restricts access to safeguard exam data. Teachers can create examination time table, allocate examination rooms, track exam attendance, generate invigilator reports, and allow students to apply for exams.

Set Exam Schedule

As soon as examinations have been created students can be informed about the exam schedule. The Exam Manager is transparent and provides student with enough time to prepare for exams.

Set Exam Regulations

You can configure the rules and regulations for the exam allowing the administration to set a pass mark for exams.

Create Exams

Teachers can set examination questions and upload them for students to take the exams offline. Students can submit test answers for marking and the results will be automatically generated. The exam results will indicate marks /grade, class rank, no of questions attempted or not, no of correctly or incorrectly answered questions etc.

Support different Evaluation Metrics

Instructors can select the most relevant evaluation criteria including GPA, CCE, and CWA etc.

Cloud-based System

No need to installing your own internal IT infrastructure the Exam Manager is a cloud-based system. Teachers can bank exam questions in a secure cloud system and import them in several formats such as MS Word.

Exam Reports

Get a graphical report or summary of examination statistics for easy analysis of student performance in exams.

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